Who is going to Sponsor NASCAR in 2017?

First we had Danica Patrick losing her GoDaddy sponsorship in 2016, and now Sprint is leaving NASCAR as we head into 2017. A common question asked by fans, is who is going to sponsor NASCAR in 2017? The short answer is that no one has been signed as the new title sponsor for NASCAR for the 2017 racing season? What does this mean? Well, for one, we’ll need to update the logo on our printable 2017 NASCAR Cup Series Schedule when or if a title sponsor is signed (or shift to the title free logo!). As of January 1st, 2017, Sprint will no longer be the title sponsor of NASCAR.

NASCAR practice

How Much Does it Cost to be the new NASCAR Title Sponsor?

From what we know, the original asking price to become the new title sponsor for NASCAR over the next 10 years is $1 billion USD. We don’t know if the price has come down; however, when compared to the big picture, $100 million per year over 10 years doesn’t appear to necessarily be an out reach by NASCAR. Fans can expect that there will be a major sponsor signed, just the timing may not occur in the timeframe that we all originally expected.

When does the 2017 NASCAR Season Start?

The 2017 NASCAR schedule will kick off in early February. Despite the close timeline, NASCAR is not necessarily in a rush to fill the void that will be left with Sprint leaving. They are more concerned with finding the right fit than rushing to fill the void with the new title sponsor. In lieu of a new sponsor (and new logo), most emblematics that have to go to press will simply use the baseline NASCAR logo. No matter what, the league will continue to look to the future, and fans are already looking forward to the start of the next racing season.