When is the 2016 NFL Schedule going to be Released?

Although March Madness is in full swing, the hype for the 2016 NFL season is starting to build. One of the most commonly asked questions by football fans this time of year, is when is the 2016 NFL schedule going to be released? Have no fear, for we have the answer for you.

When is the NFL Schedule Release Day 2016?

If the NFL holds true to form from the past several years, the league will release the 2016-2017 NFL scheduleAmerican Football Match on the third Thursday in April. This would put the schedule release on April 21st, 2016, and the NFL will typically hold a release show on the NFL Network in prime time on the East Coast (8PM) to announce the schedule. Shortly following the broadcast, ESPN, CBS Sports, and USA Today will post the first Online versions of the schedule, and ESPN will have the initial printable NFL schedules in PDF format. The league does reserve the right to modify the date of schedule release based on the current status of the NFL free agency period, so it could go live as early as April 19th or 20th depending on the final decision by the NFL. We will keep you posted as more information is available. In the mean time, we are posting the most current NFL schedules information for all of the league teams for you to enjoy. We know who the opponents for each team will be, now it is just down to getting the specific week of the season, date, and time that the matchups will take place. In the mean time, we have the most current 2016 NFL Preseason schedules posted for you to enjoy.