When Does the College Football Preseason Poll get Released?

A common question asked by college football fans, is when the preseason poll gets released? The 2016 college football season kicks off on August 27th with the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors and the California Golden Bears facing off in Sydney, Australia. The grunch of the week one matchups; however, kickoff during Labor Day Weekend this year (September 1st through the 4th), and we expect to see the polls released approximately 9-10 days prior to the first game of the season.

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Does the AP Preseason Poll even Matter?

The short answer is yes. With the adoption of the college football playoff, getting a favorable position in the initial poll will only help your team over the course of the season. Even under the legacy, BCS, system, the initial college football AP poll would still set the stage for one’s team being ranked oer the course of the season.

When is the AP College Football Preseason Poll Going to be Released?

The AP (Associated Press) will release their initial Top 25 poll on Sunday, August 21st. This release will be timed to follow-up the first, all-time college football ranking published by the group going back to the first AP Poll that was released on October 19th,1936.

Who will be Ranked #1 in the AP Preseason Poll?

Although we will not know for sure until the poll is released, there are several favorites to be selected as number one in the poll. Some of the leading candidates for the #1 ranking include defending national champion, Alabama, the Clemson Tigers, Oklahoma Sooners, Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan Wolverines, and the Stanford Cardinal. Good arguments can be had for all of these teams; however, the sports writers may very likely vote the defending champion, Crimson Tide as the #1 team to kick off the 2016 college football regular season. If you would like to checkout the college football helmet schedule of your favorite team, we have a number of them posted for fans to enjoy along with a number of the college football regular season schedules for many of the Big Five conferences.