What Teams are going to the 2017 NFL Playoffs?

Now that we are getting closer to the end of the NFL regular season, a common question being asked by football fans is what teams are going to the NFL Playoffs? Although the final spots will not be set until the final weeks (if not final week) of the season, the current NFL playoff picture is published for fans to enjoy below. Entering NFL week 15, the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots currently have the best records in each of their respective conferences and would be the overall #1 seeds if the playoffs were to start today. We are also at that phase of the season where teams are starting to get eliminated from playoff contention. To date, the teams that have been eliminated from the 2017 NFL Playoffs in the AFC are: Cleveland, New York Jets, and Jacksonville. Teams in the NFC who have been eliminated from playoff contention are Chicago, LA, and San Francisco. If you would like to check out the 2017 NFL Playoff schedule or the printable 2017 NFL Playoff bracket, we have those posted for fans to enjoy. Please keep in mind that once the playoffs start, the NFL will reseed the matchups so that the highest remaining seed will get the play the lowest remaining seed left in the field. If you would like to go ahead and check out the schedule for the 2017 NFL regular season for your favorite team, we have those posted for you as well. Enjoy!

Heinz Field

2017 NFL Playoff Picture

Last Updated: 12/15/2017

AFC Playoff Teams

If the playoffs were held today:

Seed Team Division Record
1 New England East 11-2-0
2 Kansas City West 10-3-0
3 Pittsburgh North 8-5-0
4 Houston South 7-6-0
5 Oakland West 10-3-0
6 Denver West 8-5-0

AFC Teams Eliminated

Cleveland Browns
New York Jets
Jacksonville Jaguars

NFC Playoff Teams

If the playoffs were held today:

Seed, Team, Division, Record
1, Dallas,East, 11-2-0
2, Detroit, North, 9-4-0
3, Seattle, West, 8-4-1
4, Atlanta,South, 8-5-0
5, N.Y. Giants, East, 9-4-0
6, Tampa Bay, South, 8-5-0

NFC Teams Eliminated

Chicago Bears
LA Rams
San Francisco 49ers