What is the Olympics Age Limit?

A common question asked by sports fans is what is the Olympics age limit? The short answer is that the IOC does not mandate a minimum age; however, the governing body of each individual sport is given the leeway to mandate a minimum age of competition when it comes to competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics. During the Rio Games, we will see more than 10,500 athletes from 2016 different countries compete for medals over 28 sports to include the new additions to the 2016 Games: Golf and Rugby. In addition to U.S. veterans like Michael Phelps, Bernard Lagat and Justin Gatlin, there will be a number of newcomers to the field like , 19-year-olds Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles who are expected to be some of the biggest new stars to hit the Olympics scene during the 2016 Games.

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So What is the Olympics Age Limit for Rio?

The specific age limit to compete in the Rio Games depends on the sport according to the IOC. In basketball, there is not a defined minimum or maximum age limit. In gymnastics; however, the sport is very specific when it comes to the age of eligible competitors. In order to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics, gymnasts must turn 16 years of age during the calendar year (2016) in order to compete. For men’s football (soccer), competitors must be under the age of 23 with there being three designated overage players allowed per team. The sport with the youngest age requirement is diving which allows competitors as young as 14, judo allows 15 years of age, and equestrian 16. Wrestling, boxing, and weightlifting have a minimum age limit of 17 years.

Who is the Youngest Member of Team USA ?

For the 2016 Rio Games, the youngest member of Team USA will be Kanak Jha. Jha is 16 years old and will be competing in the table tennis games. If you would like to check out the overall 2016 Olympic games schedule or other individual sporting event schedules, we have those posted for you to enjoy.