What Channel is the Super Bowl on?

A common question that NFL fans ask ever year, is what channel is the Super Bowl on? For Super Bowl 51 or Super Bowl LI that takes place in 2017, the primary broadcast network is FOX. The NFL will rotate the NFL championship to NBC for Super Bowl LII (52), and CBS for Super Bowl 53 (LII). The league will continue this broadcast rotation across all three of these networks through 2023 with FOX airing Super Bowl LVII (5). If you are interested in checking out the current NFL Playoff schedule, or the schedule of your favorite team, we have those posted for fans to enjoy for free as well.


Past Super Bowl Winners (Last 10 Years)

Year No. Winner Opposition Score Venue
2016 L Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers 24-10 California
2015 XLIX New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks 28-24 Arizona
2014 XLVIII Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos 43-8 New Jersey
2013 XLVII Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers 34-31 New Orleans
2012 XLVI New York Giants New England Patriots 21-17 Indianapolis
2011 XLV Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 Texas
2010 XLIV New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts 31?17 Miami
2009 XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals 27-23 Tampa
2008 XLII New York Giants New England Patriots 17-14 Arizona
2007 XLI Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears 29-17 Miami
2006 XL Pittsburgh Seattle 21-10 Detroit

You can also review all of the past Super Bowl scores if you would like to check out the results prior to 2006.

Super Bowl TV Channel Listing and Schedule

For those who would like to see the listing of the Super Bowls with planned TV channel for broadcast, we have those listed for you here along with the current Super Bowl schedule for Super Bowl LI.

Super Bowl TV Channel
Super Bowl 51(LI) – 2017 FOX
Super Bowl 52(LII) – 2018 NBC
Super Bowl 53(LIII) – 2019 CBS
Super Bowl 54(LIV) – 2020 FOX
Super Bowl 55(LV) – 2021 NBC
Super Bowl 56(LVI) – 2022 CBS
Super Bowl 57(LVII) – 2023 FOX