What Channel is CNBC on Time Warner, Comcast, DirecTV, AT&T?

With the Rio Olympics kicking off with the opening ceremonies scheduled to be aired in the U.S at 8PM ET on NBC, a common question asked by fans is what channel is CNBC on Time Warner, Comcast, DirecTV, and AT&T? The official kick off to the Games will start at 8 am ET on day 1. Many of the opening day events include men’s cycling, water polo, swimming, gymnastics, rowing, beach volleyball, and rowing.

Rio Olympics TV

How to Find CNBC on my Network Provider?

The exact channel number for Time Warner, Comcast, AT&T, and DirecTV will vary based on the specific region that you live in. We have provided the specific links for you to verify the channel number for your provider below:
Time Warner

How Much of the Olympics will be Shown on NBC?

CNBC will show approximately 42 hours in total coverage each day between 5-8 PM ET. The network is focused on covering the elimination rounds of a number of sports to include basketball and volleyball. Other focus areas include: archery, beach volleyball, cycling, rugby, water polo, wrestling in addition to other sports. The 2016 Summer Olympics will be the ninth straight Games shown on CNBC. If you would like to check out the overall 2016 Summer Olympics schedule or the specific event schedules, we have those posted for fans to enjoy.