Updated 2017 NFL Playoff Picture: Week 5

Monday Night Football is in the books, and it’s time to check out the updated 2017 NFL playoff picture at the end of week 5 of the regular season. Unlike last season at this point of the NFL schedule, we only have one team who is undefeated entering week 6 in the Minnesota Vikings. After managing to lose an extremely low scoring affair against Tampa Bay last evening, the Carolina Panthers are only 1-4 (5-0 at this point last year), and will need to get some serious work done to have a shot at earning a spot in the 2017 NFL Playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, and Oakland Raiders have all had extremely strong starts to the regular season, and it will be interesting to see which teams continue to perform, and which fail to recover from sub-par starts to the regular season to earn a shot at the 2017 Super Bowl. If you would like to check out the schedule of your favorite NFL team while the season progresses, we have them all posted here to enjoy.


2016 NFL Playoff Picture

AFC Playoff Picture – Week 5

1.Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1)
2.Oakland Raiders (4-1)
3.New England Patriots (4-1)
4.Houston Texans (3-2)
5.Denver Broncos (4-1)
6.Baltimore Ravens (3-2)
7. Buffalo Bills (3-2) – Out of the playoff picture this week.
At the end of week 5, the Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves atop the playoff seeds with a 4-1 record. The Steelers are 1-0 in the AFC North, 3-0 in the AFC, and 3-0 at home. Oakland is actually falling in as the #2 seed by virtue of a tie-breaker with Denver by being 1-0 in the AFC West. The Patriots come in as the #3 seed with their only loss being to the Buffalo Bills. Despite having two losses, the Texans are in first place in the AFC South and get the #4 seed. Buffalo loses out to the Ravens due to losing to Baltimore head-head.

NFC Playoff Picture – Week 5

1.Minnesota Vikings (5-0)
2.Dallas Cowboys (4-1)
3.Atlanta Falcons (4-1)
4.Seattle Seahawks (3-1)
5.Green Bay Packers (3-1)
6.Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)
The Minnesota Vikings have simply amazed everyone this season. Everyone thought they were done when losing both their QB and star running back, but they are perfect so far and would have home field advantage throughout the playoffs if the season concluded today. The Cowboys hold a tie breaker over the Falcons with a better record within the conference. Atlanta has won four straight games; however, and have defeated both the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers this week. Green Bay gets the nod at the #5 seed over the Eagles due to a better NFC record.

2016 NFL Playoff Picture Notes

Please note that the season is still young, and we can see a wide amount of variance in the current playoff picture versus January when it comes time to finalize the 2017 NFL Playoff schedule. Until then, let’s enjoy some football!