Tim Tebow’s High School Baseball Stats

In case you have missed the news over the past few weeks, Tim Tebow was recently signed to a New York Mets minor league contract. This has resulted in a significant amount of interest in Tim Tebow’s High School baseball stats. The last time that Tebow played baseball, before his public tryout before MLB scouts on August 30th, 2016, was during his junior year of High School at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida in 2005. He did not play during his senior year due to enrolling at the University of Florida early to get a head start on his now famous collegiate football career.

Tim Tebow High School Batting

Tim Tebow High School Baseball Statistics

A formal listing of all of Tim Tebow’s High School baseball stats is not readily available like it is for players on teams today. Stats from his and his coaches memory and records are:
Sophomore Year (2004): Batting Average: ~.300
2004 HT/Wt: 6’3”, 215 lbs
Junior Year (2005):
Batting Average: .494
Home Runs: 4
Doubles: 10
RBI’s: 30
Awarded Florida All State Honors.

Why Did Tim Tebow Quit Playing Baseball?

Although Tebow earned All State honors during his junior year of High School on a team that reached the state baseball tournament Final Four, he prioritized playing football. In order to get started with school and spring practice, he enrolled in the University of Florida early and did not play baseball during his senior year of high school. Although he was known as a left handed hitter with exceptional power and good arm, Tebow made the personal choice on the sport he would pursue after High School. He is also one of the most famous, American home schooled athletes. As is the case with many families who are able to make home schooling work, Tebow was able to meet all Florida High School graduation requirements early in order to facilitate the early enrollment into college. He was allowed to play organized sports (as other home schooled children are) at his local High School (Nease) which is where he excelled at both football and baseball.

Would Tim Tebow have been Drafted in Baseball?

Depending on which scout you talk to, most that saw Tebow play baseball in High School believe he would have been drafted once he graduated if he had not made football the priority. By not playing his senior year, most teams that had him on the radar chose to not waste a draft pick on a player that clearly was not going to try baseball in the 2016 MLB Draft. Depending on how he progressed, the likely round Tebow would have been drafted was in the sixth or seventh round, and possibly higher based on how his game progressed. In High School, he was known for hitting for both power and average, and having an incredible work ethic.