NFL Football Schedules

The National Football League (NFL) is made up of 32 teams that have 16 assigned to the American Football Conference (AFC) and 16 to the National Football Conference (NFC). NFL football is one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the world, and it is one of four professional sports played in the United States and North America. The NFL regular season consists of 17 weeks of game play that start up the week following Labor Day through Christmas. Each team in the NFL plays a regular season schedule consisting of 16 games with one bye week. At the conclusion of the NFL regular season, six teams from each conference earn a trip to the NFL Playoffs. These teams consist of the four divisional champions and two Wildcard teams that have the best records of the non-divisional champions. These teams then meet in the NFL Playoffs which is a single elimination matchup with the final remaining teams facing off in the Super Bowl. We have published the latest NFL preseason, regular season, and postseason TV schedules for fans to use to follow the action during the season. Enjoy!

Super Bowl Champions (Past 10 Years)

For those who like to see which teams have made it to the “Big Game” over the past decade, we have the most recent Super Bowl champions listed for you below. We also have the complete list of Super Bowl Champions posted for those who would like to check out the full NFL history of postseason champs.

Year No. Winner Opposition Score Venue
2016 L Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers 24-10 California
2015 XLIX New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks 28-24 Arizona
2014 XLVIII Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos 43-8 New Jersey
2013 XLVII Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers 34-31 New Orleans
2012 XLVI New York Giants New England Patriots 21-17 Indianapolis
2011 XLV Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 Texas
2010 XLIV New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts 31?17 Miami
2009 XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals 27-23 Tampa
2008 XLII New York Giants New England Patriots 17-14 Arizona
2007 XLI Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears 29-17 Miami
2006 XL Pittsburgh Seattle 21-10 Detroit

NFL Football Schedules

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