Pac-12 Football

The Pac-12 conference football teams are one of the most heavily watched in the United States. The conference competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly known as Division I-A), and it consists of 12 total members. Every season, the conference consists of more than one team that is in the national title conversation, and the origins of the conference date back to 1959. The Pac-10 became the Pac-12 in 2011 when it expanded after the additions of the University of Utah and the University of Utah. The “Conference of Champions” has won more NCAA National Championships across all sports than any other conference. For football fans, you can checkout the most current PAC-12 football schedules below to include the latest college football helmet schedule for the conference. It is always interesting to see which Pac-12 teams earn berths to major college football bowls, and the 2016 college football season definitely poses to be an exciting season to watch for football fans.

Pac 12 Logo teams

Past Pac-12 Football Conference Champions (Last 10 Years)

Year Champion
2004 USC†
2005 USC†
2006 USC California
2007 USC Arizona State
2008 USC
2009 Oregon
2010 Oregon
2011 Oregon
2012 Stanford
2013 Stanford
2014 Oregon
2015 Stanford

† The NCAA sanctioned USC in June, 2010 for violations in the football, men’s basketball, and women’s tennis programs. USC football vacated two wins from their final two games of the 2004 season (one conference, one Bowl Game) and all 12 wins from the 2005 season, as well as the conference titles from both years. Their 2004 BCS National Championship was vacated, while their 2004 Associated Press title was not removed as a result of the sanctions.

2016 Pac-12 Football Schedule