Big Ten Football Schedule

The Big Ten football schedule is one of the most popular league schedules followed by football fans. The conference is the oldest of all Division I athletic conferences in the U.S. and all of the member football teams compete in the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision). The Big Ten was originally formed in 1895, and in 1905 the conference was officially incorporated at the Intercollegiate Conference Athletic Association. 12 of the 14 schools that are members have student enrollments exceeding 30,000 or more students, and Northwestern University is the only private school in the Big Ten. Despite having 14 member schools, the conference does not plan on changing the name from the Big Ten due to branding concerns. The most popular schools in the conference (and those that make the most revenue) include The Ohio State, University of Michigan, Penn State, and the University of Wisconsin. The league has been one of the strongest competitively in the NCAA over the past decade, and fans will look to see how Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, and Michigan State perform during the regular season to compete for a chance to win the Big Ten and a potential spot in the college football playoff. No matter what, 2016 poses to be an exciting year for the Big Ten Conference in football and enjoy the action!

Big Ten Football

Past Big Ten Football Champions (Past 15 Years)

2001 Illinois
2002 Iowa Ohio State
2003 Michigan
2004 Iowa Michigan
2005 Ohio State Penn State
2006 Ohio State
2007 Ohio State
2008 Ohio State Penn State
2009 Ohio State
2010 Michigan State Wisconsin
2011 Wisconsin
2012 Wisconsin
2013 Michigan State
2014 Ohio State
2015 Michigan State

2016 Big Ten Football Schedules