ACC Football Schedule

The ACC football schedule is widely followed by college football fans on both the East Coast as well as by grads who live across the United States. The conference has seen significant growth over the last decade with schools such as Louisville being added to the already competitive conference in basketball, football, baseball, and other major sports. The conference was originally founded in 1953 with seven total universities. The conference has added members several times over the years with a few schools leaving. The 2004 and 2013 ACC expansion saw schools from the Northeast and Midwest join the conference for the first time. In 2013, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Notre Dame (except for football) joined the ACC. When Maryland decided to leave the ACC to join the Big Ten in 2012, the ACC invited the University of Louisville to join the conference as a full member on November 28th, 2012. The league has been one of the strongest competitively in the NCAA over the past decade, and fans will look to see how Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, and North Carolina perform during the regular season to compete for a chance to win the ACC and a potential spot in the college football playoff or a major college football bowl game. We also have the current ACC football helmet schedule published for you to enjoy below. If you would like to check out the helmet schedule for a team that is not in the ACC, we have a number of them posted here for you to enjoy.

Deshaun Watson

Past ACC Football Champions (Past 15 Years)

Year Champion
2000 Florida State
2001 Maryland
2002 Florida State
2003 Florida State
2004 Virginia Tech
2005 Florida State
2006 Wake Forest
2007 Virginia Tech
2008 Virginia Tech
2009 Georgia Tech (Vacated)
2010 Virginia Tech.
2011 Clemson
2012 Florida State
2013 Florida State
2014 Florida State
2015 Clemson

2016 ACC Football Schedules