MLB Draft Results

The MLB Draft, also known as the first-year player draft or Rule 4 draft, is the primary means that Major League Baseball assigns amateur baseball players to MLB teams. The players come from U.S. high schools, colleges, an amateur baseball clubs in both the U.S. and abroad. The draft in its current form was first held in 1965. A big distinction from the NFL and NBA, is that MLB holds its draft during the middle of the season. There are a total of 40 rounds in the draft with compensatory picks added to the total number of players selected. The basic MLB draft order is assigned based on inverse order of the previous season’s record. We have included a number of the most recent MLB draft results for you to enjoy below, and we will continue to update with results and information on the current and future years MLB drafts as the information becomes available. In the event you would like to check out the regular season or postseason schedules for your favorite MLB team, we also have those posted here for you to enjoy.

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MLB Draft Origins

The very first MLB Draft actually took place in 1921 and was used to assign minor league players to the Big Leagues. Major League Baseball saw amateur drafts as being anti-competitive from the lens of the more successful teams like the New York Yankees. Before the adoption of the current system, amateur players were free to sign with any team that would offer them a contract. This resulted in the talented and wealthier teams like the St. Louis Cardinals and Yankees continuing to stockpile talent and did not really improve the overall quality of the teams who played in small markets or did not perform well. A bidding war for Rick Reichardt who ultimately signed with the LA Angels for $200,000 (unheard of at the time) resulted in the ultimate adoption of the draft in 1965.

Current MLB Draft Eligibility Rules

In order to be drafted, players must meet the following qualifications:
1 – Be a resident of the United States, Canada, or a U.S. territory. Players from other countries may not enter the draft unless they play for a college team in the U.S., Canada, or U.S. Territory. These players are free to be signed by any MLB team.
2 – Never signed a minor or major league contract.
3 – High School players can only be drafted if they have graduated and have not yet attended college.
4 – Community College and Junior College players can be drafted any year.
5 – College players can enter the draft if they are 21, or if they have completed either their junior or senior years (and are not Community College or Junior college players).

MLB Draft Results

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