Katy Perry Announces Release of New Olympic Anthem, “Rise”

Katy Perry announced the release of her new song, “Rise,” that will be used during the 2016 Rio Games. Her newest song will be used during the NBC network’s coverage of the Summer Games. Perry is not a newcomer to contributing work for the Olympics. Her hit song, “Roar,” was used as the “cut-to-commercial” song for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The new song was just released yesterday, and her new video hit the streets today for fans to check out and is included below for you to check out before its time to start binge watching the 2016 Rio Olympics schedule.

Katy Perry Rise

“Rise” Video Delivers

The official video is tailored to be in the fashion of the training regime seen in the classic Rocky movies, but it is tailored to other countries in addition to the United States It includes various inspirational lyrics about beating the odds and overcoming doubt. It also has various voice overs from past Olympic Games play-by-plays. The uplifting video comes at a good time as the organizers of the Rio Games work to overcome a number of large obstacles to include the poor economy, the Zika virus, and various other scandals such as the city’s only anti-doping lab being suspended. Although there have been a number of athletes to pull out of the Games, there are no planned delays or interruptions to the 2016 Olympic games schedule. If you would like to check out the specific schedule for your favorite event during the Olympics, we have a grunch of them posted here for you to enjoy.

Watch the Official Video for Katy Perry’s, “Rise”