Is Michael Phelps Competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics?

A common question asked by both Team USA and international swimming fans is if Michael Phelps will be competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics? The short answer is yes. Although Phelps publicly “retired” after the 2012 London Games, he has since shown a rekindling of his competitive fire and came back to competitive swimming. At the United States Olympic Trials, Phelps came away with three victories assuring his place in the 2016 Games.

What Events will Michael Phelps be Competing in During Rio?

For the 2016 Rio Games, Michael Phelps will be participating in at least three events. He was able to qualify for the 200 meter individual medley, the 200 meter butterfly, and the 100 meter butterfly. Depending on how team USA decides to setup their relay races, Phelps will also be considered to swim in the 4x100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle, and the 4x100m medley relays.

Michael Phelps Butterfly

How Many Olympic Medals Does Michael Phelps already Have?

Prior to the Rio Games, Phelps has already earned 22 medals during his career. At the time of this writing, that is the most of any Olympian to compete in the modern games. He also has earned a total of 18 gold medals which is twice as many as the next person to earn multiple golds. He is expected to add to this total during the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Will Rio be the Final Olympic Games of Phelps’ Career?

Rio will more likely than not be the final Olympic Games that Phelps competes. If he were to make a comeback for the 2020 Games, Phelps would be 35 years old which is considered “old” for elite swimmers. Pundits believe that if Phelps does come back for one final Olympics run, it will likely be in one of the relay events. There is a lot of time between now and then; however, so we just won’t know for sure until it gets closer to the 2020 Games to know. If you would like to check out the 2016 Rio Olympics swimming or overall Olympics schedule in the meantime, we have those posted for fans to enjoy.