ESPN Fantasy Football League Point Scoring Structure

A common question asked by fantasy football fans is what is the ESPN fantasy football point scoring structure for a league? Although league commissioners have the ability to alter the points awarded, ESPN publishes a standard scoring system to start with. We have published the relevant information below for fans to enjoy for free. In a standard ESPN league, the eight players on the roster will earn points based on the stats that the respective player earns in a given game. ESPN sets up their leagues to allow players to accrue points over a week while bench players do not earn points. The overall winner of the weekly matchups is the team who accrues the most points. No playoff games in the ESPN fantasy leagues are allowed to end in ties. If you would like to check out the schedule of your favorite team, you can check them out here as well as the NFL playoff schedule. Enjoy!


ESPN Fantasy League Point Scoring Structure

Quarterbacks (QB), Running Backs (RB), Wide Receivers (WR), Tight Ends (TE)
6 pts per rushing or receiving TD
6 pts for player returning kick/punt for TD
6 pts for player returning or recovering a fumble for TD
4 pts per passing TD
2 pts per rushing or receiving 2 pt conversion (note: teams do not receive points
for yardage gained during the conversion)
2 pts per passing 2 pt conversion
1 pt per 10 yards rushing or receiving
1 pt per 25 yards passing
Penalty Points
-2 pts per intercepted pass
-2 pts per fumble lost
Bonus Points
2 pts per rushing or receiving TD of 40 yards or more
2 pts per passing TD of 40 yards or more
(note: the player must score a touchdown to score the points)
Kickers (K)
5 pts per 50+ yard FG made
4 pts per 40-49 yard FG made
3 pts per FG made, 39 yards or less
2 pts per rushing, passing, or receiving 2 pt conversion
1 pt per Extra Point made
Penalty Points
-2 pts per missed FG (0-39 yds)
-1 pt per missed FG (40-49 yds)
(note: a missed FG includes any attempt that is blocked, deflected, etc.)
Defensive/Special Teams (D)
3 pts per defensive or special teams TD
2 pts per interception
2 pts per fumble recovery (Note: includes a fumble by the opposing team out of the end zone)
2 pts per blocked punt, PAT, or FG (Note: a deflected kick of any kind does not receive points)
2 pts per safety
1 pt per sack