Complete 2016 NFL TV Schedule

The complete 2016 NFL regular season TV schedule is now available. Many fans like to plan out their TV viewing schedule for their favorite team well ahead of time of the NFL regular season kicking off. The 2016 NFL regular season schedule will get started with a rematch of the 2016 Super Bowl seeing the Denver Broncos play the Carolina Panthers at home. The rest of the league gets started in earnest on September 11th, 2016, and the 2017 Super Bowl will be held on February 5th, 2016. For those looking to check out the full NFL regular season schedule grid, we have that posted here for you to use along with all of the regular season schedules for your favorite teams. Please note, that starting in week five, the NFL reserves the right to implement “Flex Scheduling” to place better performing teams against each other in prime time on television. Let’s play some football! Before you know it, it will be time to start seeing which teams earn a spot in the 2017 NFL Playoffs.

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2016 NFL Football TV Schedule

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week One

Thursday, Sept. 8
Carolina at Denver, 8:30 (NBC)
Sunday, Sept. 11
Tampa Bay at Atlanta, 1 (FOX)
Buffalo at Baltimore, 1 (CBS)
Chicago at Houston, 1 (FOX)
Green Bay at Jacksonville, 1 (FOX)
San Diego at Kansas City, 1 (CBS)
Oakland at New Orleans, 1 (FOX)
Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets, 1 (CBS)
Cleveland at Philadelphia, 1 (CBS)
Minnesota at Tennessee, 1 (FOX)
Miami at Seattle, 4:05 (CBS)
N.Y. Giants at Dallas, 4:25 (FOX)
Detroit at Indianapolis, 4:25 (FOX)
New England at Arizona, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Sept. 12
Pittsburgh at Washington, 7:10 (ESPN)
Los Angeles at San Francisco, 10:20 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week Two

Thursday, Sept. 15
N.Y. Jets at Buffalo, 8:25 (CBS-NFLN-Twitter)
Sunday, Sept. 18
San Francisco at Carolina, 1 (FOX)
Baltimore at Cleveland, 1 (CBS)
Tennessee at Detroit, 1 (CBS)
Kansas City at Houston, 1 (CBS)
Miami at New England, 1 (CBS)
New Orleans at N.Y. Giants, 1 (FOX)
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, 1 (CBS)
Dallas at Washington, 1 (FOX)
Tampa Bay at Arizona, 4:05 (FOX)
Seattle at Los Angeles, 4:05 (FOX)
Indianapolis at Denver, 4:25 (CBS)
Atlanta at Oakland, 4:25 (CBS)
Jacksonville at San Diego, 4:25 (CBS)
Green Bay at Minnesota, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Sept. 19
Philadelphia at Chicago, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week Three

Thursday, Sept. 22
Houston at New England, 8:25 (CBS-NFLN-Twitter)
Sunday, Sept. 25
Arizona at Buffalo, 1 (FOX)
Minnesota at Carolina, 1 (FOX)
Denver at Cincinnati, 1 (CBS)
Detroit at Green Bay, 1 (FOX)
Baltimore at Jacksonville, 1 (CBS)
Cleveland at Miami, 1 (CBS)
Washington at N.Y. Giants, 1 (FOX)
Oakland at Tennessee, 1 (CBS)
San Francisco at Seattle, 4:05 (FOX)
Los Angeles at Tampa Bay, 4:05 (FOX)
San Diego at Indianapolis, 4:25 (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at Kansas City, 4:25 (CBS)
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, 4:25 (CBS)
Chicago at Dallas, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Sept. 26
Atlanta at New Orleans, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week Four

Byes: Green Bay, Philadelphia
Thursday, Sept. 29
Miami at Cincinnati 8:25 (NFLN)
Sunday, Oct. 2
Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville at London, 9:30 a.m. (CBS)
Carolina at Atlanta, 1 (FOX)
Oakland at Baltimore, 1 (CBS)
Detroit at Chicago, 1 (FOX)
Tennessee at Houston, 1 (CBS)
Buffalo at New England, 1 (CBS)
Seattle at N.Y. Jets, 1 (FOX)
Cleveland at Washington, 1 (CBS)
Denver at Tampa Bay, 4:05 (CBS)
Los Angeles at Arizona, 4:25 (FOX)
New Orleans at San Diego, 4:25 (FOX)
Dallas at San Francisco, 4:25 (FOX)
Kansas City at Pittsburgh, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 3
N.Y. Giants at Minnesota, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week Five

Byes: Jacksonville, Kansas City, New Orleans, Seattle
Thursday, Oct. 6
Arizona at San Francisco, 8:25 (CBS-NFLN-Twitter)
Sunday, Oct. 9
Washington at Baltimore, 1 (FOX)
New England at Cleveland, 1 (CBS)
Philadelphia at Detroit, 1 (FOX)
Chicago at Indianapolis, 1 (FOX)
Tennessee at Miami, 1 (CBS)
Houston at Minnesota, 1 (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at Pittsburgh, 1 (CBS)
Atlanta at Denver, 4:05 (FOX)
Cincinnati at Dallas, 4:25 (CBS)
Buffalo at Los Angeles, 4:25 (CBS)
San Diego at Oakland, 4:25 (CBS)
x-N.Y. Giants at Green Bay, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 10
Tampa Bay at Carolina, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week 6

Byes: Minnesota, Tampa Bay
Thursday, Oct. 13
Denver at San Diego, 8:25 (CBS-NFLN-Twitter)
Sunday, Oct. 16
San Francisco at Buffalo, 1 (FOX)
Jacksonville at Chicago, 1 (CBS)
Los Angeles at Detroit, 1 (FOX)
Pittsburgh at Miami, 1 (CBS)
Cincinnati at New England, 1 (CBS)
Carolina at New Orleans, 1 (FOX)
Baltimore at N.Y. Giants, 1 (CBS)
Cleveland at Tennessee, 1 (CBS)
Philadelphia at Washington, 1 (FOX)
Kansas City at Oakland, 4:05 (CBS)
Dallas at Green Bay, 4:25 (FOX)
Atlanta at Seattle, 4:25 (FOX)
x-Indianapolis at Houston, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 17
N.Y. Jets at Arizona, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week Seven

Byes: Carolina, Dallas
Thursday, Oct. 20
Chicago at Green Bay, 8:25 (CBS-NFLN-Twitter)
Sunday, Oct. 23
N.Y. Giants vs. Los Angeles at London, 9:30 a.m. (NFLN)
Cleveland at Cincinnati, 1 (CBS)
Washington at Detroit, 1 (FOX)
Oakland at Jacksonville, 1 (CBS)
New Orleans at Kansas City, 1 (FOX)
Buffalo at Miami, 1 (CBS)
Baltimore at N.Y. Jets, 1 (CBS)
Minnesota at Philadelphia, 1 (FOX)
Indianapolis at Tennessee, 1 (CBS)
San Diego at Atlanta, 4:05 (FOX)
Tampa Bay at San Francisco, 4:05 (FOX)
New England at Pittsburgh, 4:25 (CBS)
x-Seattle at Arizona, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 24
Houston at Denver, 8:30 (ESPN)

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2016 NFL TV Schedule Week Eight

Byes: Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, N.Y. Giants, Pittsburgh, San Francisco
Thursday, Oct. 27
Jacksonville at Tennessee, 8:25 (NFLN)
Sunday, Oct. 30
Washington vs. Cincinnati at London, 9:30 a.m. (FOX)
Green Bay at Atlanta, 1 (FOX)
New England at Buffalo, 1 (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at Cleveland, 1 (CBS)
Detroit at Houston, 1 (FOX)
Kansas City at Indianapolis, 1 (CBS)
Seattle at New Orleans, 1 (FOX)
Oakland at Tampa Bay, 1 (CBS)
San Diego at Denver, 4:05 (CBS)
Arizona at Carolina, 4:25 (FOX)
x-Philadelphia at Dallas, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 31
Minnesota at Chicago, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week Nine

Byes: Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, New England, Washington
Thursday, Nov. 3
Atlanta at Tampa Bay, 8:25 (NFLN)
Sunday, Nov. 6
Pittsburgh at Baltimore, 1 (CBS)
Dallas at Cleveland, 1 (FOX)
Jacksonville at Kansas City, 1 (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at Miami, 1 (CBS)
Detroit at Minnesota, 1 (FOX)
Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants, 1 (FOX)
Carolina at Los Angeles, 4:05 (FOX)
New Orleans at San Francisco, 4:05 (FOX)
Indianapolis at Green Bay, 4:25 (CBS)
Tennessee at San Diego, 4:25 (CBS)
x-Denver at Oakland, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Nov. 7
Buffalo at Seattle, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week Ten

Byes: Buffalo, Detroit, Indianapolis, Oakland
Thursday, Nov. 10
Cleveland at Baltimore, 8:25 (NFLN)
Sunday, Nov. 13
Kansas City at Carolina, 1 (CBS)
Houston at Jacksonville, 1 (CBS)
Denver at New Orleans, 1 (CBS)
Los Angeles at N.Y. Jets, 1 (FOX)
Atlanta at Philadelphia, 1 (FOX)
Chicago at Tampa Bay, 1 (FOX)
Green Bay at Tennessee, 1 (FOX)
Minnesota at Washington, 1 (FOX)
Miami at San Diego, 4:05 (CBS)
San Francisco at Arizona, 4:25 (FOX)
Dallas at Pittsburgh, 4:25 (FOX)
x-Seattle at New England, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Nov. 14
Cincinnati at N.Y. Giants, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week 11

Byes: Atlanta, Denver, N.Y. Jets, San Diego
Thursday, Nov. 17
New Orleans at Carolina, 8:25 (NBC-NFLN-Twitter)
Sunday, Nov. 20
Buffalo at Cincinnati, 1 (FOX)
Pittsburgh at Cleveland, 1 (CBS)
Baltimore at Dallas, 1 (CBS)
Jacksonville at Detroit, 1 (CBS)
Tennessee at Indianapolis, 1 (CBS)
Tampa Bay at Kansas City, 1 (FOX)
Arizona at Minnesota, 1 (FOX)
Chicago at N.Y. Giants, 1 (FOX)
Miami at Los Angeles, 4:05 (FOX)
New England at San Francisco, 4:25 (CBS)
Philadelphia at Seattle, 4:25 (CBS)
x-Green Bay at Washington, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Nov. 21
Houston vs. Oakland at Mexico City, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week 12

Thursday, Nov. 24
Minnesota at Detroit, 12:30 (CBS)
Washington at Dallas, 4:30 (FOX)
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis, 8:30 (NBC)
Sunday, Nov. 27
Arizona at Atlanta, 1 (FOX)
Cincinnati at Baltimore, 1 (CBS)
Jacksonville at Buffalo, 1 (CBS)
Tennessee at Chicago, 1 (CBS)
N.Y. Giants at Cleveland, 1 (FOX)
San Diego at Houston, 1 (CBS)
San Francisco at Miami, 1 (FOX)
Los Angeles at New Orleans, 1 (FOX)
Seattle at Tampa Bay, 4:05 (FOX)
Kansas City at Denver, 4:25 (CBS)
Carolina at Oakland, 4:25 (CBS)
x-New England at N.Y. Jets, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Nov. 28
Green Bay at Philadelphia, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week 13

Byes: Cleveland, Tennessee
Thursday, Dec. 1
Dallas at Minnesota, 8:25 (NBC-NFLN-Twitter)
Sunday, Dec. 4
Kansas City at Atlanta, 1 (CBS)
Miami at Baltimore, 1 (CBS)
San Francisco at Chicago, 1 (FOX)
Philadelphia at Cincinnati, 1 (FOX)
Houston at Green Bay, 1 (CBS)
Denver at Jacksonville, 1 (CBS)
Los Angeles at New England, 1 (FOX)
Detroit at New Orleans, 1 (FOX)
Buffalo at Oakland, 4:05 (CBS)
Washington at Arizona, 4:25 (FOX)
N.Y. Giants at Pittsburgh, 4:25 (FOX)
Tampa Bay at San Diego, 4:25 (FOX)
x-Carolina at Seattle, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Dec. 5
Indianapolis at N.Y. Jets, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week 14

Thursday, Dec. 8
Oakland at Kansas City, 8:25 (NBC-NFLN-Twitter)
Sunday, Dec. 11
Pittsburgh at Buffalo, 1 (CBS)
San Diego at Carolina, 1 (FOX)
Cincinnati at Cleveland, 1 (CBS)
Chicago at Detroit, 1 (FOX)
Houston at Indianapolis, 1 (CBS)
Minnesota at Jacksonville, 1 (FOX)
Arizona at Miami, 1 (FOX)
Washington at Philadelphia, 1 (FOX)
New Orleans at Tampa Bay, 1 (FOX)
Denver at Tennessee, 1 (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at San Francisco, 4:05 (CBS)
Seattle at Green Bay, 4:25 (FOX)
Atlanta at Los Angeles, 4:25 (FOX)
x-Dallas at N.Y. Giants, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Dec. 12
Baltimore at New England, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week 15

Thursday, Dec. 15
Los Angeles at Seattle, 8:25 (NBC-NFLN-Twitter)
Saturday, Dec. 17
Miami at N.Y. Jets, 8:25 (NFLN)
Sunday, Dec. 18
Philadelphia at Baltimore, 1 (FOX)
Cleveland at Buffalo, 1 (CBS)
Green Bay at Chicago, 1 (FOX)
Tampa Bay at Dallas, 1 (FOX)
Jacksonville at Houston, 1 (CBS)
Tennessee at Kansas City, 1 (CBS)
Indianapolis at Minnesota, 1 (CBS)
Detroit at N.Y. Giants, 1 (FOX)
New Orleans at Arizona, 4:05 (FOX)
San Francisco at Atlanta, 4:05 (FOX)
New England at Denver, 4:25 (CBS)
Oakland at San Diego, 4:25 (CBS)
x-Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Dec. 19
Carolina at Washington, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week 16

Thursday, Dec. 22
N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia, 8:25 (NBC-NFLN-Twitter)
Saturday, Dec. 24
Miami at Buffalo, 1 (CBS)
Atlanta at Carolina, 1 (FOX)
Washington at Chicago, 1 (FOX)
San Diego at Cleveland, 1 (CBS)
Minnesota at Green Bay, 1 (FOX)
Tennessee at Jacksonville, 1 (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at New England, 1 (CBS)
Tampa Bay at New Orleans, 1 (FOX)
Indianapolis at Oakland, 4:05 (CBS)
San Francisco at Los Angeles, 4:25 (FOX)
Arizona at Seattle, 4:25 (FOX)
Cincinnati at Houston, 8:25 (NFLN)
Sunday, Dec. 25
Baltimore at Pittsburgh, 4:30 (NFLN)
Denver at Kansas City, 8:30 (NBC)
Monday, Dec. 26
Detroit at Dallas, 8:30 (ESPN)

2016 NFL TV Schedule Week 17

Sunday, Jan. 1
New Orleans at Atlanta, 1 (FOX)
Baltimore at Cincinnati, 1 (CBS)
Green Bay at Detroit, 1 (FOX)
Jacksonville at Indianapolis, 1 (CBS)
New England at Miami, 1 (CBS)
Chicago at Minnesota, 1 (FOX)
Buffalo at N.Y. Jets, 1 (CBS)
Dallas at Philadelphia, 1 (FOX)
Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1 (CBS)
Carolina at Tampa Bay, 1 (FOX)
Houston at Tennessee, 1 (CBS)
N.Y. Giants at Washington, 1 (FOX)
Oakland at Denver, 4:25 (CBS)
Arizona at Los Angeles, 4:25 (FOX)
Kansas City at San Diego, 4:25 (CBS)
Seattle at San Francisco, 4:25 (FOX)
Note: Night game TBD