Cincinnati Reds 2016 MLB Draft Results

It seems like the Reds go through these phases of building their team up only to blow it up as players get too expensive. We have the latest Cincinatti Reds 2016 MLB draft results for fans to enjoy below. For the 2016 Draft, the team has taken a total of 22 pitchers, nine infielders of different positions, seven outfielders, and three catchers in total. Of the 41 players selected in the 2016 MLB draft, 13 were in high school and all were born between 1993 and 1998. For local fans, there are two of the draftees picked who are from Ohio, Patrick Riehl, a RHP (right handed pitcher) from Lucasville and Mars Hill College and Jesse Adams, a LHP from Maumee and Boston College. If you would like to check out the 2016 MLB draft results we have them posted here. We also have the draft results for past years here, and the current Cincinnati Reds schedule posted for fans to enjoy.


How did the 2016 MLB Draft Start Out for the Reds?

The Reds had the overall #2 pick in the 2016 MLB draft. The team selected Nick Senzel (3B) from the University of Tennessee with their first overall pick. The final pick by the Reds in the draft was in the 40th round when the team chose RHP, Michael Bienlien from Great Bridge High School in Chesapeake, VA for the 1,188th pick in the draft.

How Many Pitchers did the Reds Pick in 2014 and 2015?

During the 2015 MLB Draft, the Reds drafted a total of 21 pitchers. The year prior, Cincy took a total of 23 pitchers. The first pitcher selected in the 2016 MLB Draft was Nicolas Hanson, a right-hander from Prior Lake High School in Savage, Minn.

2016 Cincinnati Reds MLB Draft Picks

In the first round (No. 2 overall): Nick Senzel, 3B, University of Tennessee
Competitive balance lottery round A (No. 35 overall): Taylor Trammell, OF, Mount Paran Christian School (Kennesaw, Ga.)
Second round (No. 43 overall): Chris Okey, C, Clemson University
Now, time for the entire draft listing for the remainder of the Reds for the 2016 MLB Draft:
3 Hanson, Nicolas G. RHP 6/10/1998 6-6 225 R/R Savage, MN Prior Lake HS
4 Moss, Scott I. LHP 10/16/1994 6-5 210 L/L Deland, FL Univ. of Florida
5 Hendrix, Ryan M. RHP 12/16/1994 6-3 195 R/R Livingston, TX Texas A&M Univ.
6 Mondile, Tyler D. RHP 11/4/1997 6-2 190 L/R Wenonah, NJ Gloucester Catholic HS
7 Cox, Joseph A. LHP 10/23/1993 6-1 185 L/L Arlington, TN Univ. of Tennessee
8 Sansone, John J. 2B 9/15/1993 5-11 200 R/R New Castle, PA Florida State Univ.
9 Webb, Alex W. RHP 7/19/1994 6-3 225 R/R Surrey, BC, Canada Univ. of British Columbia
10 Benenati, Lucas E. RHP 5/27/1993 6-3 220 R/R Santa Barbara, CA Kansas State Univ.
11 Kuhnel, Joel K. RHP 2/19/1995 6-5 250 R/R Peoria, AZ Univ. of Texas – Arlington
12 Brown, Cassidy G. C 7/21/1994 6-3 215 R/R Merion Station, PA Loyola Marymount Univ.
13 Olson, Ryan A. RHP 11/22/1994 6-2 195 R/R Upland, CA Cal Poly – Pomona
14 Adams, Jesse T. LHP 8/12/1993 6-0 190 L/L Maumee, OH Boston College
15 Stallings, Jesse RHP 10/27/1994 6-2 195 R/R Colfax, LA Louisiana State Univ.
16 Conde, Mauro A. CF 6/1/1997 6-0 200 R/R Guaynabo, PR Cupeyville School
17 Traver, Mitchell R. RHP 5/3/1994 6-7 240 R/R Lucas, TX Texas Christian Univ.
18 Flowers, John C. CF 5/19/1998 6-2 175 R/R Orange Park, FL Trinity Christian Academy
19 Blandino, Matthew D. RHP 7/30/1995 6-1 185 R/R Bristol, CT Felican College
20 Lott, James T. RF 8/22/1997 6-4 220 R/R Jacksonville, FL Trinity Christian Academy
21 Wright, Andrew S. LHP 6/27/1995 6-5 225 R/L San Diego, CA Univ. of Southern California
22 Quillen, Aaron M. RHP 12/19/1993 6-2 205 R/R Kingsport, TN Belmont Univ.
23 Cruz, Emmanuel C. SS 8/29/1995 5-10 185 R/R Waterbury, CT Univ. of Southern NH
24 Yari, Bruce J. 1B 12/5/1994 6-2 200 L/L Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Univ. of British Columbia
25 Wright, Colby J. 2B 4/11/1994 6-1 200 R/R Castro Valley, CA Univ. of Kansas
26 Riehl, Patrick E. RHP 5/19/1994 6-4 235 R/R Lucasville, OH Mars Hill College
27 Henderson, Dion K. LHP 6/3/1997 6-4 190 L/L Detroit, MI D.H. Conley HS
28 Johnson, Cooper A. C 4/25/1998 6-0 200 R/R Mundelein, IL Carmel HS
29 Sweet, Daniel J. LF 12/28/1993 6-1 195 S/R Brandon, MS Dallas Baptist Univ.
30 Byrd, Vincent C. 1B 10/8/1997 6-7 240 L/R Long Beach, CA Long Beach City College
31 Langworthy, Austin B. CF 9/8/1997 5-11 190 L/L Williston, FL Williston HS
32 Crohan, Matthew R. LHP 7/27/1995 6-3 215 L/L Jamesport, NY Winthrop Univ.
33 Derr, Nicholas A. 2B 9/24/1997 6-0 180 R/R Sarasota, FL Sarasota HS
34 Weber, Tyler D. RHP 3/19/1998 6-4 220 R/R Menomonee Falls, WI Menomonee Falls HS
35 Whitworth, Walker D. 2B 7/3/1995 6-0 170 R/R Ada, OK Northern Oklahoma College
36 Blankmeyer, Taylor E. 2B 10/12/1993 5-7 170 R/R Morristown, NJ St. John’s Univ.
37 Benavides, Alec LHP 1/1/1998 6-3 175 L/L Laredo, TX J.B. Alexander HS
38 Wilson, John F. LHP 7/17/1997 6-0 180 L/L Hampton, NJ North Hunterdon HS
39 Statum, Otis R. RF 6/19/1998 6-2 210 R/R Oakland, CA Bishop O’Dowd HS
40 Bienlien, Michael J. RHP 3/19/1998 6-3 205 R/R Chesapeake, VA Great Bridge HS