Chris Bazile Hopes To Play For Hometown Saints

Former Grambling player Chris Bazile will get a chance to chase his dream of playing for the New Orleans Saints after being invited to the team’s minicamp. Bazile, who lives seven miles from the Saints’ minicamp location is so excited about the chance to play for the team, he would have probably walked there if the team asked him to. Even if he makes the team, he won’t get a lot of playing time and shouldn’t impact their NFL football odds.

Brazile Minicamp

Bazile is one of the 13 players trying out for one of the final roster spots in New Orleans. He told reporters that it was amazing to be in the locker room with NFL veterans because they have been playing for a while and there is a lot he can learn from them in his time at minicamp. 

Bazile admitted that there is a big difference in college football and the NFL, he said the NFL is much faster than he expected, but he is loving every moment. Bazile is very excited to have been invited to the Saints minicamp because the Saints were the team that he watched as a kid growing up. Not only are the Saints his hometown team, they literally are in his own backyard.

The high school Bazile attended is less than a mile from the Saints training facility in East Jefferson. According to his high school coach, Bazile, who played quarterback, could throw the ball a ’country mile.’ During his freshman year in high school, Bazile played quarterback. In his sophomore year, his coach Nick Saltaformaggio, moved him to the tight end position.

By the time Bazile was 7 or 8 years old, he started going to Saints games, so you can imagine what it was like for him the first time he entered the team’s locker room and met some of the players he grew up watching as a kid. According to Bazile, he was very nervous meeting the Saints players for the first time, and said some of them were even bigger than he had imagined, which is surprising considering Bazile is listed as 6 foot 4, 250 pounds.

On Tuesday, Bazile caught a pass from backup quarterback Luke McCown during scrimmage. For other players, it would have been considered a meaningless catch, but for Bazile, it was something he was very excited about. Bazile also received the Saints playbook on Tuesday, and after a quick look at it, he said it was like taking 21 hours in college.

Despite the size of the playbook, Bazile doesn’t mind learning all of it because he knows that being able to understand and remember the playbook will increase his chances of making the team. Learning the playbook is not the only thing that will keep Bazile busy this summer, he is also taking online classes for his master’s degree.

Bazile told reporters that he planned on studying the playbook on Tuesday and be even better on the field on Wednesday.  Bazile understands that the odds are stacked against undrafted players like himself, but he also knows that he has a chance to make the team because other undrafted players have come before him and they were rewarded for the hard work they put in with a spot on the team’s final roster. Some of them, like Kurt Warner, went on to win MVP Awards as well as the Super Bowl.