Become a Fantasy Football Millionaire at Draft Kings

If you are like me, you have played fantasy football on a variety of platforms such as Yahoo and ESPN. If you participate in the paid league format on Yahoo, one of the frustrating aspects is having to wait until the end of your season to see if you are a winner. If you are one who likes to see if you are a winner sooner than later, and have a shot at becoming a fantasy football millionaire, then Draft Kings is the place for you! The company runs a number of fantasy sports contests each week, with the flagship contest being the NFL Millionaire maker.

How Do You Enter the Draft Kings NFL Millionaire Maker Contest?

For this season, Draft Kings is providing $2,200,000 in guaranteed prize money for the Millionaire MakerDraft Kings Millionaire
contest. More than 15,000 spots are paid out in total for the contest, and you can submit multiple lineups. The entry fee is $27 with first place being awarded a cool million dollars. Second place isn’t too shabby either with a $100,000 prize. A cool aspect of the site, is you can actually play around with making a lineup before you have to pay any money to enter the contest! So let’s see how you can register for the contest:

Step 1 – Go to the Draft Kings millionaire maker entry page.

Step 2 – Take a look at the draft setup before you start picking your team. Draft Kings gives you a draft budget of $50,000 with each player having a predetermined cost to use him for the upcoming contest.

Step 3 – Develop your draft strategy before you start picking players. Players use a variety of strategies for picking their teams. Some go with as money “money players” like Peyton Manning, Michael Forte, etc first, and then take a gamble on the cheaper players performing. Others try to split the budget across all of the players to get a more consistent chance of all positions scoring. There is not one set method that works for all, so just make sure you come up with your own scheme.

Peyton ManningStep 4 – Start picking your players. I like to pick the quarterback first. You can click on the players name to see what his stats were the previous week as well as read the analysis that Draft Kings provides for the upcoming week.

Step 5 – Once you have your lineup set, click the “Submit” button on the Draft Kings webpage.

Step 6 – You will now be asked to create your Draft Kings account and enter a payment method to pay for your entry and add funds to your fantasy football account.

Step 7 – Choose the available contests that your roster qualifies for after you have created your account. Draft Kings has a number of contest formats that you can choose from that range from 50/50’s (half of the entries win) with a variety of entry fees from free to higher dollar entries.

Step 8 – Sit back and enjoy your NFL football on Sunday and Monday.

Why Should You Try Out the Draft Kings NFL Millionaire Contest?

Whether you are a Fantasy Football fanatic, or you just want a shot at becoming a millionaire for watching football, there aren’t too many downsides to trying out Draft Kings. Similar to other Fantasy Football leagues, once you are “in the money,” you will find that watching all of the NFL games on Sunday and Monday become a lot more exciting than simply following your favorite team. Even if you don’t get the first or second place price, all of the participants in the top 10 are guaranteed to win at least a cool $10K. The third place finisher earns $50K, fourth is $40K, and fifth is awarded $35K. The minimum payout is $40 at the time of this writing which for coming in around 15,500 place isn’t too shabby either!

If you want to take a chance on earning some big bucks this coming Sunday, then head on over to Draft Kings and pick your team today!