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Draft News is a sports-based website created to bring fans the latest information and news on both past and upcoming professional sports drafts. All information provided to the reader is either based on fact or is the assessment provide by our site writers who have more than a decade experience bringing the latest sports information to fans.

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The NFL draft seems to go on forever after the college football championship is held in early January. The draft is preceded by a number of workout days and the NFL combine before being held over the course of several days in May every year.

The NBA draft quickly becomes the focus of most major sports fans every June. The draft hype starts to increase once March Madness concludes with the Final Four and goes into hyper-drive once the NBA Playoffs kick-off in April. The top 14 picks in each NBA draft are chosen by the NBA draft lottery, and have often been of the “One and Done” variety in recent years.

The MLB draft is held in early June every year over the course of several days. It takes place pretty close to the timing of the NBA draft and sees a variety of players drafted from those graduating high school to the college athletes who become eligible after their their third year of playing collegiate baseball.

The NHL draft takes place at the end of June every year. 2014 will be the 52nd edition of the National Hockey League draft which consists of seven total rounds of draft action for teams to select both American, Canadian, and international talent to earn a spot on one of the National Hockey League rosters!

Draft-News.com is not just limited to information about the major sports league drafts; however, as we also include relevant news on professional sports team schedules, playoffs, and matchup results as we find them relevant to the major sports fan. We hope that you enjoy the product that we produce on the site for your enjoyment and please leave us comments when you disagree, like an article, or have additional information to add for others to enjoy!

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Jackson helps contribute content to Draft News on a part-time basis. he has a deep experience following and writing about all things to do with college basketball, football, and the NBA and NFL Drafts. Rumor has it that he is one of the few basketball fans from Memphis who actually still likes John Calipari to this date after Coach Cal left the Tigers to create the current juggernaut at the University of Kentucky. If you would like to get in touch with Jackson, he can be reached at: jackson. lewis 8777 @ gmail . com.

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