76ers Win 2016 NBA Draft Lottery, Lakers Earn No 2 Pick in Lottery Results

The Philadelphia 76ers won the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery results with obtaining the overall #1 pick in the upcoming draft. The Lakers were able to keep their pick by remaining in the top three overall picks with earning the overall #2 pick. The Boston Celtics round out the top three picks in the lottery using a selection traded to the team by the Brooklyn Nets to stay in the third spot. For the 2016 NBA Draft, only the top three draft picks are selected with the remaining 14 teams being seeded by their won loss record.

Brett Brown

How Did the Philadelphia 76ers Earn the First Pick?

The 76ers finished the 2015-16 NBA regular season with a 10-72 overall record. Entering the draft lottery, the team had a 26.9 % chance of earning the overall #1 pick. This was a combined percentage since the team had the right to swap with the Kings from a previous trade if Sacramento ended up with a better pick in the draft. One note is that if the Lakers had dropped further in the draft, Philly would have been entitled to the pick that was originally traded to the Suns for Steve Nash which the 76ers would later acquire in a trade. The overall #1 selection marks a big day for 76ers fans whose team had only earned the overall #3 pick in the past few drafts. The 76ers also have the 24th and 26th first round picks in the draft with previous draft choices Dario Saric and Joel Embiid expected to finally join the team next season. Philly is expected to choose between Duke’s Brandon Ingram and LSU’s Ben Simmons with the top overall pick.

Who will the Los Angeles Lakers Pick with the #2 Slot in the Draft?

For the second straight NBA Draft, the Lakers will have the second overall pick. In 2015, LA took D’Angelo Russell but only finished 17-65 in Kobe Bryant’s final season with the Lakers. Many of the Mock Drafts that you will find online have Brandon Ingram as the best player on the board with the #2 pick, but we will all have to wait and see what signals that Philly sends on who they intend to take with the #1 choice to have a better idea of how the Lakers draft will start out.

2016 Final NBA Draft Order (First Round)

At the time of this writing, the current 2016 NBA Draft order looks like this:
1. Sixers
2. Lakers
3. Celtics
4. Suns
5. Timberwolves
6. Pelicans
7. Nuggets (via Knicks)
8. Kings
9. Raptors (via Nuggets, from Knicks)
10. Bucks
11. Magic
12. Jazz
13. Suns (via Wizards)
14. Bulls
15. Nuggets (via Rockets)
16. Celtics (via Mavericks)
17. Grizzlies
18. Pistons
19. Nuggets (via Trail Blazers)
20. Pacers
21. Hawks
22. Hornets
23. Celtics
24. Sixers (via Heat)
25. Clippers
26. Sixers (via Thunder)
27. Raptors
28. Suns (via Cavaliers)
29. Spurs
30. Warriors

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