2017 Big Ten Friday Night Football Schedule

The Big Ten made a bold move with the announcement of the 2017 Big Ten Friday night football schedule for the upcoming season. Although Friday Night Lights has typically been reserved for High School programs in the United States, the Big Ten is one of the first major FBS conferences to impede on the classic night for High School football. For the 2017 regular season, there will be a total of six Big Ten football games played during the season, and they will all be shown on either one of the ESPN networks, FS1, or Fox. The decision has not come without controversy, as many of the major programs in the conference have placed stipulations on their participation in Friday Night games. Ohio State will only play the games at home during their Autumn break or on the road, Penn State on the road only, and Michigan has opted out completely. Both Michigan State and Wisconsin will only host Friday Night games on Labor Day weekend. The league has committed to announcing all Friday night games at least ten months in advance.

Wisconsin Football

2017 Big Ten Friday Night Lights Football Schedule

Fri., Sept. 1 – Washington at Rutgers
Fri., Sept. 1 – Utah State at Wisconsin
Fri., Sept. 8 – Ohio at Purdue
Fri., Sept. 29 – Nebraska at Illinois
Fri., Oct. 13 – Northwestern at Maryland
Fri., Oct. 27 – Michigan State at Northwestern