2016 Rio Olympics Equestrian Schedule

The 2016 Rio Olympics Equestrian schedule will be held between August 7th and 19th, 2016. The events will be held at the National Equestrian Center in Deodoro. There will be medals awarded during the events for both individual and team events. The following competitions will have medal events: individual dressage, team dressage, individual jumping, team jumping, individual eventing, and team eventing. In the show jumping event, there will be a total of five rounds to determine the individual medals. Once the fourth round starts, all participants will have their previous round records wiped clean and will start with no faults and proceed through the competition. In the dressage event, the teams for each country are made up of four riders who are also competing at the same time for individual medals.

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Countries who do not have enough riders for a full team will be allowed to have individual riders compete in the Games. In the eventing competition, the team and individual medals competitions also run concurrently. The riders will do a jumping round, dressage test, and a cross country round. The team medals are determined by using the top three scores from each team. For those who are interested, we also have the day-by-day Olympic schedule for you to check out for the other events taking place during the 2016 Olympics, event schedules, and a printable Rio Olympics schedule to use to help you follow the action. All times listed in the equestrian schedule are in local Brazil time.

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2016 Rio Olympics Equestrian Schedule

6 August 2016 (Saturday)
Eventing individual and team Dressage Day 1(6:30 pm)
7 August 2016 (Sunday)
Eventing individual and team Dressage Day 2(6:30 pm)
8 August 2016 (Monday)
Eventing individual and team cross Country(6:30 pm)
9 August 2016 (Tuesday)
Eventing team and individual jumping final(6:30 pm)
10 August 2016 (Wednesday)
Dressage team Grand Prix Day 1(6:30 pm)
11 August 2016 (Thursday)
Dressage team Grand Prix Day 2(6:30 pm)
12 August 2016 (Friday)
Dressage team Grand Prix Special(6:30 pm)
14 August 2016 (Sunday)
Jumping individual qualification(6:30 pm)
15 August 2016 (Monday)
Dressage individual Grand Prix Freestyle(6:30 pm)
16 August 2016 (Tuesday)
Jumping team qualification(6:30 pm)
17 August 2016 (Wednesday)
Jumping team final(6:30 pm)
19 August 2016 (Friday)
Individual jumping finals A/B