2016 Atlanta Braves Schedule

The 2016 Atlanta Braves MLB regular season schedule kicks off on Monday, April 4th, 2016 against the Washington, Nationals at home. After playing the Nats for two games, the Braves will continue their initial homestand for two games against the St. Louis Cardinals. Atlanta wraps up the 2016 MLB regular season against the Detroit Tigers from September 30th through October 2nd, 2016. For those interested in seeing what the 2016 MLB playoff schedule looks like, we have the 2016 MLB Playoff schedule posted for you to take a look at. Once 2016 MLB regular season play concludes, we will have a complete printable MLB playoff bracket and TV schedule for you to use.

Atlanta Braves

2016 Atlanta Braves Schedule
Date Opponent Time Broadcast
Mon 4/4 Nationals 4:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 4/6 Nationals 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 4/8 Cardinals 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 4/9 Cardinals 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 4/10 Cardinals 1:35pm MLB.TV
Mon 4/11 at Nationals 7:05pm MLB.TV
Tue 4/12 at Nationals 7:05pm MLB.TV
Wed 4/13 at Nationals 7:05pm MLB.TV
Thu 4/14 at Nationals 4:05pm MLB.TV
Fri 4/15 at Marlins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sat 4/16 at Marlins 7:10pm FS1 MLB.TV
Sun 4/17 at Marlins 1:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 4/19 Dodgers 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 4/20 Dodgers 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 4/21 Dodgers 12:10pm MLBN MLB.TV
Fri 4/22 Mets 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 4/23 Mets 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 4/24 Mets 1:35pm MLB.TV
Mon 4/25 Red Sox 7:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 4/26 Red Sox 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 4/27 at Red Sox 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 4/28 at Red Sox 7:10pm MLBN MLB.TV
Fri 4/29 at Cubs 2:20pm MLB.TV
Sat 4/30 at Cubs 2:20pm MLB.TV
Sun 5/1 at Cubs 2:20pm MLB.TV
Mon 5/2 at Mets 7:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 5/3 at Mets 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 5/4 at Mets 1:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 5/6 D-backs 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 5/7 D-backs 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 5/8 D-backs 1:35pm MLB.TV
Tue 5/10 Phillies 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 5/11 Phillies 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 5/12 Phillies 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 5/13 at Royals 8:15pm MLB.TV
Sat 5/14 at Royals 7:15pm MLB.TV
Sun 5/15 at Royals 2:15pm MLB.TV
Mon 5/16 at Pirates 7:05pm MLB.TV
Tue 5/17 at Pirates 7:05pm MLB.TV
Wed 5/18 at Pirates 7:05pm MLB.TV
Thu 5/19 at Pirates 7:05pm MLB.TV
Fri 5/20 at Phillies 7:05pm MLB.TV
Sat 5/21 at Phillies 3:05pm MLB.TV
Sun 5/22 at Phillies 1:35pm MLB.TV
Tue 5/24 Brewers 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 5/25 Brewers 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 5/26 Brewers 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 5/27 Marlins 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 5/28 Marlins 4:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 5/29 Marlins 5:05pm MLB.TV
Mon 5/30 Giants 1:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 5/31 Giants 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 6/1 Giants 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 6/2 Giants 12:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 6/3 at Dodgers 10:10pm MLB.TV
Sat 6/4 at Dodgers 10:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 6/5 at Dodgers 4:10pm MLB.TV
Mon 6/6 at Padres 10:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 6/7 at Padres 10:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 6/8 at Padres 3:40pm MLB.TV
Fri 6/10 Cubs 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 6/11 Cubs 4:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 6/12 Cubs 1:35pm MLB.TV
Mon 6/13 Reds 7:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 6/14 Reds 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 6/15 Reds 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 6/16 Reds 12:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 6/17 at Mets 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sat 6/18 at Mets 8:15pm FOX MLB.TV
Sun 6/19 at Mets 1:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 6/21 at Marlins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 6/22 at Marlins 12:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 6/23 Mets 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 6/24 Mets 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 6/25 Mets 7:15pm FOX MLB.TV
Sun 6/26 Mets 1:35pm MLB.TV
Mon 6/27 Indians 7:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 6/28 Indians 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 6/29 Indians 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 6/30 Marlins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 7/1 Marlins 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 7/2 Marlins 4:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 7/3 Marlins 8:05pm ESPN MLB.TV
Mon 7/4 at Phillies 4:05pm MLB.TV
Tue 7/5 at Phillies 7:05pm MLB.TV
Wed 7/6 at Phillies 1:05pm MLB.TV
Fri 7/8 at White Sox 8:10pm MLB.TV
Sat 7/9 at White Sox 2:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 7/10 at White Sox 2:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 7/15 Rockies 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 7/16 Rockies 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 7/17 Rockies 1:35pm MLB.TV
Mon 7/18 at Reds 7:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 7/19 at Reds 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 7/20 at Reds 12:35pm MLB.TV
Thu 7/21 at Rockies 8:40pm MLB.TV
Fri 7/22 at Rockies 8:40pm MLB.TV
Sat 7/23 at Rockies 8:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 7/24 at Rockies 4:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 7/26 at Twins 8:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 7/27 at Twins 8:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 7/28 Phillies 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 7/29 Phillies 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 7/30 Phillies 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 7/31 Phillies 1:35pm MLB.TV
Tue 8/2 Pirates 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 8/3 Pirates 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 8/4 Pirates 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 8/5 at Cardinals 8:15pm MLB.TV
Sat 8/6 at Cardinals 7:15pm MLB.TV
Sun 8/7 at Cardinals 2:15pm MLB.TV
Mon 8/8 at Brewers 7:20pm MLB.TV
Tue 8/9 at Brewers 8:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 8/10 at Brewers 8:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 8/11 at Brewers 2:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 8/12 at Nationals 7:05pm MLB.TV
Sat 8/13 at Nationals 7:05pm MLB.TV
Sun 8/14 at Nationals 1:35pm MLB.TV
Tue 8/16 Twins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 8/17 Twins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 8/18 Nationals 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 8/19 Nationals 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 8/20 Nationals 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 8/21 Nationals 1:35pm MLB.TV
Mon 8/22 at D-backs 9:40pm MLB.TV
Tue 8/23 at D-backs 9:40pm MLB.TV
Wed 8/24 at D-backs 9:40pm MLB.TV
Thu 8/25 at D-backs 9:40pm MLB.TV
Fri 8/26 at Giants 10:15pm MLB.TV
Sat 8/27 at Giants 9:05pm MLB.TV
Sun 8/28 at Giants 4:05pm MLB.TV
Tue 8/30 Padres 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 8/31 Padres 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 9/1 Padres 12:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 9/2 at Phillies 7:05pm MLB.TV
Sat 9/3 at Phillies 7:05pm MLB.TV
Sun 9/4 at Phillies 1:35pm MLB.TV
Mon 9/5 at Nationals 4:05pm MLB.TV
Tue 9/6 at Nationals 7:05pm MLB.TV
Wed 9/7 at Nationals 7:05pm MLB.TV
Fri 9/9 Mets 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 9/10 Mets 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 9/11 Mets 1:35pm MLB.TV
Mon 9/12 Marlins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 9/13 Marlins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 9/14 Marlins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 9/16 Nationals 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 9/17 Nationals 1:05pm FOX MLB.TV
Sun 9/18 Nationals 1:35pm MLB.TV
Mon 9/19 at Mets 7:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 9/20 at Mets 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 9/21 at Mets 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 9/22 at Marlins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 9/23 at Marlins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sat 9/24 at Marlins 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 9/25 at Marlins 1:10pm MLB.TV
Tue 9/27 Phillies 7:10pm MLB.TV
Wed 9/28 Phillies 7:10pm MLB.TV
Thu 9/29 Phillies 7:10pm MLB.TV
Fri 9/30 Tigers 7:35pm MLB.TV
Sat 10/1 Tigers 7:10pm MLB.TV
Sun 10/2 Tigers 3:10pm MLB.TV